Garlicky Green Beans with Olive Oil

garlicky green beans

Most green vegetables bore me. There I said it! But in spite of that I try and serve a green vegetable with dinner almost every night. Eating green beans plain and steamed does save calories but once in a while I think it is nice to dress them up with herbs and seasonings, a little butter or olive oil.  This garlicky green bean recipe goes from bland to delicious and it only takes a few extra minutes of your time.

minced garlic

Large 48 ounce size available online

I use frozen whole green beans in this recipe but you can use cut as well.  And of course you can use fresh, trimmed green beans if that is what you have on hand. I also use minced garlic in a jar that is packed in water or oil simply because I don’t go through garlic that fast and it keeps well. We do plan to start preserving our own garlic from our garden but that will be a topic for another post.

I really don’t measure when I make this so feel free to use more or less of any of the ingredients listed  according to your personal preference.

Garlicky Green Beans with Olive Oil

  • 12 ounce bag frozen green beans
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced or 1 heaping teaspoon jarred, minced garlic*
  • Salt and pepper to taste*

Cook green beans according to package directions; drain.

When green beans are almost finished cooking heat olive oil in large skillet over medium heat until hot. Add the garlic, reduce heat and saute about 30 seconds.

Immediately add the green beans to the skillet. Toss well until coated (tongs work great for this). Season with salt and pepper and serve immediately. Leftovers (if you have any) heat up nicely in the microwave.

garlicky green beans

These tasty green beans are quick and easy, making them perfect for every day but they also dress up any holiday meal as well.

* I like to use a coarse salt like freshly ground sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

* If you can’t find the jarred, minced garlic near the seasons then look near the pasta sauces or even in the produce isle.  You can find them in different sizes packed in either water or olive oil.


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